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Please understand that submission does not guarantee the story will be told by LSF. We pray over each story that is submitted and leave it for God to confirm it is something we should pursue and we make sure it fits our criteria for consideration. Remember part of our mission statement is "telling the stories of the paradigm shift they are creating" just because we do not tell the story does not mean we do not believe the ministry is not being impactful or paradigm-shifting in the kingdom. It only means it was not a good fit at the time and different ministries will always be revisited at a later time (Remember current projects can take months to finish). If there is a good fit and a confirmation from the Lord, we will reach out for more information. If you do not hear from us it is best to assume that there is not a good fit at this time. We pray over each submission and even if we cannot tell the story we will always include the ministry in our prayers for God to continue to use it powerfully. Thank you.

Please do not reach out to ask if the ministry was accepted or not, we will reach out if we are moving on to the next phase.

Step One - Application Form

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Name of ministry or person of the story to be considered

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Step Two - Upload Video

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Thank you for submitting a ministry you feel needs to have its story told. Please submit a video where you tell us why in your own words this ministry should be considered.

*Note be yourself, we want to hear the passion behind why you are reaching on behalf of this ministry